"Tolerance and compassion are qualities of fearless people." - Paulo Coelho

The Tolerance Foundation is at its infancy it is a foundation simply aimed at truly making a positive impact on the lives of many in need and deserving of living a life of quality & wholesomeness.

The Tolerance Foundation has 4 pillars : inspire, innovate, impact and involve.

Inspire: #ToleranceTalks 

An initiative that includes motivational talks and inspiring story sharing aimed at motivating and encouraging related parties to keep strong, remain positive and strive for the best.

Innovate: #ToleranceTales

An initiative aimed at the talented individuals willing to share solutions, assist the foundation and volunteer for our monthly community outreach days.

Impact : #ToleranceTrust

An initiative specifically aimed at GBV and creating a community of loving, caring individuals willing to listen and emotionally support those affected. 

Involve: #ToleranceTrails 

Our holistic view is to have these pillars support and complement one another and strive to ultimately build a nation who lives and experiences these values.